Monday, March 4, 2013

Earth Tu Face

I recently ordered a few things from Earth Tu Face and am now hooked on their multi-purpose Skin Stick and Body Butter. I have to admit, their logo initially drew me to their website, but their products and story have turned me into a fan.

The company was started by herbalists Marina Storm and Sarah Buscho who believe "you should never put on your skin what you wouldn't put in your mouth." I am not normally one to alter my skincare products, so after hearing I was interested in Earth Tu Face, Marina was nice enough answer some questions for me:

AVA / What inspired you to start Earth Tu Face? 
ETF / Before we started working together, we both created our own products (for ourselves at home) and then came together to form Earth Tu Face. For Sarah, it was originally out of necessity—she was allergic to anything synthetic on her skin. For me, I started to read ingredient labels and research ingredients. I found out that you couldn’t trust what was for on the shelves to be safe for your skin. So many products actually contain carcinogens and toxins—and all of that stuff is actually soaking into your body because the skin is an absorbing organ. We were also inspired by the idea of the food movement Alice Waters pioneered.

ETF is kind of about starting a beauty revolution, helping people (women, men, people of all ages) to see that it matters what you put on your body just as much as what goes into your body.

AVA / What's different about your products?
ETF / They are created by Herbalists. Each ingredient is specifically chosen by us for its healing properties. We also do not use endangered or at risk plants—even if they are great for the skin. There is always another plant to use that is just as great for the skin and grows abundantly.

Our packaging. We didn't want to create a bunch of garbage as a bi-product of our business. We opted not to use any plastic containers. We chose beautiful glass containers that can be repurposed after the product is gone or at the very least recycled. And we created a compostable push-up tube in place of the common plastic lip balm tube (which end up in the ocean or landfill and never break down).

Our products are concentrated. No added water, alcohol or filler of any kind. The absence of water allows us to be able to not use any synthetic preservatives. We use only non-GMO Vitamin E preserve.

We do not use palm oil or its derivatives in any of our products. It is a main culprit of rain forest deforestation and is used a ton in the natural and organic industry.

We considered all aspects of every decision we made. We tried to source the best possible ingredients, support great companies with great workers conditions, and use USA-made containers. For every choice we made, we thought about the possible impacts that that decision could have on: humans, our water supply, the planet.

AVA / Do you have a favorite product?
ETF / Every product is my favorite product! But I love the Immortelle + Rose Face Balm for dry, winter skin. It totally saves my skin in the cold months. Also, it's my favorite smell.

AVA / Do you have any tips to share about maintaining a healthy beauty regime?
ETF / Yes!
  • Do not put toxins on your skin (only put on your skin what you would put in your mouth).
  • Use oils. They are incredibly good for the skin and will not cause break-outs (even if your skin is oily).
  • Hydrate on the inside. Drink plenty of water and consume healthy oils (i.e. olive, coconut). 
  • If you wear make-up, wash your face at night.
  • Play outside!

Many thanks to Marina for her insights! Learn more and shop Earth Tu Face here.

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