Sunday, September 29, 2013


Minneapolis, you are such a friendly town! We had a blast on our three-day whirlwind tour, and made it to some pretty amazing places. We did some walking, biking, and wandering through the city, but basically ate our way through the weekend. Some highlights were:
  • The brunch we had at Parka, which included cookies and a milk flight. The cafe's shared space with Forage Modern Workshop was an added shopping bonus.
  • The Bachelor Farmer, which was beyond all expectations. The food was incredible. We got there early and had time to peruse their well-curated menshop, Askov Finlayson, which I loved almost as much as the food.
  • And Lucia's, another brunch spot we biked to Sunday morning. The space was gorgeous, and the food was seasonal and delicious. It seemed like a great neighborhood spot.
Thanks Minneapolis, for such a welcoming introduction to the Midwest.

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