Thursday, September 12, 2013

Current Obsession: Lavender

This summer I developed a slight obsession with lavender. It started a couple of months ago, after I bought a bunch of dried lavender at Johnson's Nusery. I love having it around the house and have found many uses for it. I've also found that I now seek it out in everything from ice cream to household projects:

1 / Ice Cream / The other night Tim came home with Honey Lavender Ice Cream from Moorenko's in Silver Spring. It was amazing.

2 / Macaroons / Next time you are at Le Caprice DC in Columbia Heights, get the lavender macaroons.

3 / Tea / I love the combination of chamomile + lavender in this Paromi tea, available at Whole Foods.

4 / Soap / I've always admired the packaging of Hand in Hand soap (designed by Oh Joy!), but the cause is what really makes it special. For every bar purchased, a bar is donated to save a life.

5 / Project / We inherited an old, ugly refridgerator when we bought our house. At some point we want to gut the kitchen, so until then we've been making the most of our dingy, old appliances. It an attempt to bring a little bit of class and cleanliness to our fridge, I followed this fun project from the Gardenista to make a nice little lavender odor absorber. 

My next project, find a spot in our yard for a lavender garden.

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