Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Camping + Mallows Bay

Last weekend, Tim and I spent a couple of nights camping with friends at Smallwood State Park in southern Maryland. I'm always resistant to the idea of camping, but then we get there and I am forced to do nothing but cozy up to the fire, hang out with friends and catch up on the stack of magazines I brought with me. Pretty great.

On Saturday, we drove down to Mallows Bay, which is only a few miles south of Smallwood and is home to over 200 sunken ships. Most are huge steamships from World War I that were never used and have now created a reef along the river. It was high tide while we were there, but we could see the few ships that sit above the waterline, which was pretty neat. Plus, the Potomac is gorgeous that far south and the park has a cute little trail to walk around. If you get the chance, I highly recommend a drive down there. It's an easy day trip from the city!

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