Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dinner at Jaleo

It's conference time! Well, for Tim anyway. All this week we are staying in the Grand Hyatt as Tim powers through his NCIL Annual Conference. It's fun to be downtown for a change and being close to Chinatown allows us to eat at places we don't get to often. The other night we decided on Jaleo to check out their winter renovations. The food is still amazing and the interior has been transformed into a an eclectic mix of funky, modern Spanish art and bizarre decor (picture foosball tables repurposed as bar tables with glass tops). I especially loved the design of the menus and the fun floor tiles.

And yes, that first image is their new drink menu which is on an iPad. The app was very well designed and user friendly, however the servers seemed hesitant to leave it on the table for very long so we didn't get nearly enough time to play and read about all their wines. Maybe next time?

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