Friday, April 13, 2012

RECAP: Jackson Hole, WY

In March, my husband, some friends and I traveled to Jackson Hole, WY for some spring snowboarding. This is a snapshot of our wonderful week:

1. One the best parts of visiting Jackson Hole is landing at the airport alongside the Teton Mountains. The view is spectacular.

2. Archways of elk antlers greet you outside the airport. They can also be found in the town square alongside other tasteful Western decor.

3. Katie and I spent the first sunny day walking around Teton Village.

4. We stumbled upon a pen of large horses and decided to say hello. They were perfect subjects against the mountainous backdrop.

5. We had one cloudy and one gorgeous day on the slopes. It made for some nice snow and scenic views.

6. The valley from the mountain is quite a sight. The mountain on the left is said to be Sleeping Indian Mountain as the peak resembles an Indian Chief laid to rest with a headress of trees and his arms crossed at his chest.

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