Monday, January 9, 2012

Andy Warhol's "Shadows"

If you have time in the next week, get down to the Hirschhorn Gallery where Andy Warhol’s “Shadows” is on display until January 15th. The spectrum of colors stuns you as it echoes off the crisp white walls and shines off the painted concrete floors. It is a series of 102 monumental canvases, placed side by side in a seamless arrangement. Each canvas was painted using a mop, then silk screened with one of two images of a black shadow taken in Warhol’s office. Though Warhol grew up resisting the 1950's vogue style of abstract expressionism, “Shadows” reflects his gravitation toward the movement.

"Shadows" was originally unveiled in 1979, however never before has a gallery been able to present the canvases in their entirety. The Hirschhorn has done it in a way that makes you think the gallery was designed for this show. With the curvature of the narrow room, and the repetition of the imagery, it feels like you are walking through a filmstrip. And the color combinations are impeccable. Almost rhythmic. It starts out with primary colors, and then hits you with a forest green/pink combination. This is followed by a pink/purple/green series, then a blue/orange/turquoise series, and a red/yellow combination. And so it continues, slowing down every so often with a series of canvases in gray/white/tan, and black on black. It ends with bright combination of green/yellow/beige/peach and pink.

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